Seniors Living

Glovertown is a safe, clean community for seniors who wish to live in a rural setting. Seniors seeking to live in Glovertown have a number of choices depending on their needs. Currently there are four senior living operations in the community.

Oram’s Birchview Manor

Oram’s Birchview Manor is located at the top of Station Road just off the TCH. Birchview Manor is operated privately by the Oram Group of Companies. Birchview Manor provides Level 2 and Level 3 standards of care.

Baywatch Manor

Baywatch Manor is located on Main Street South. Baywatch Manor provides care to residents requiring Level 1 and Level 2 standards of care. This complex is close to the Community Clinic and Pharmacy and has a view of Alexander Bay from the front yard.

Alternatively, there are senior living complexes for those who do not require personal or longterm care. Abuchi Apartments, Eagle Landing and Campbell Place Cottages provide independent living quarters with fellow seniors.

For information on those listed, please see our business directory.