Town Council

Municipal Tax Rates

2024 Tax Rates

Water & sewer$31.50/monthDue June 30/2024
Water or sewer only$16.25/monthDue June 30/2024
Water/sewer vacant land$1.50/foot frontage
Minimum $100.00
Maximum $300.00
Property tax6.75 milsDue June 30/2024
Residential Garbage Disposal Fee $175.00/ yearlyDue June 30/2024
Disposal Fee$175.00/ yearlyDue June 30/2024
Commercial property tax8.50 milsDue June 30/2024
Minimum property tax (homeowners)$400.00/yearDue June 30/2024
Vacant Land$400.00
(no additional property)
Due June 30/2024
Vacant Land$75.00 per parcel for homeowners with additional property
Minimum business tax$400.00 per year
(see specific class)
Due June 30/2024
NL Power2.5% of gross revenueDue Feb. 28/2024
Bell Aliant2.5% of gross revenueDue Feb. 28/2024
Bell Canada2.5% of gross revenueDue Feb. 28/2024
Cable TV Companies2.5% of gross revenueDue Feb. 28/2024

Business Tax

Class 114.50 milsHotels and motels
Class 216.50 milsGrocery, convenience stores, variety stores, amusements, restaurants, clothing stores, building material stores, hardware stores, funeral homes, and all other with no specific designation
Class 316.50 milsMotor vehicle repair, welding shops, aluminum fabrication shops, boat building & repair, and garages
Class 414.75 milsBeauty salons, craft shops, and flower shops
Class 518.75 milsPlumbing, heating, and electrical services, and takeouts
Class 622.50 milsSawmills
Class 756.50 milsProfessional, insurance companies
Class 8150.00 milsBanks/credit unions
Class 10131.00 milsAll other financial institutions
Class 1122.50 mils
$400.00 Min.
Class 1222.50 mils
$500.00 Min.
Contractors/ heavy equipment/road/w/s
Class 1316.50 milsManufacturing of granular material
Class 1416.50 milsFish plants
Class 156.25 milsSeniors’ homes
Class 1622.50 milsVeterinary clinics
Class 1716.50 mils
$400.00 Min.
Carpenter shops
Class 187.50 mils
$400.00 Min.
Bed & Breakfast
Class 1913.75 mils
$400.00 Min.
Class 20$500.00 per yearShort term vacation rentals, ie. airbnb
Other ChargesMiscellaneous general repair permits – $25.00
Residential Building Permits$50.00, commercial building
Permits$55.00 and permit to operate a business $50.00