Town Council

Emergency Services Contact Information

Glovertown Community Clinic & Gander Hospital

Central Health operates a community health clinic in Glovertown to provide health services to the residents and visitors of Glovertown and surrounding areas. Three physicians are on staff to provide care and medical advice to users of the facility. The clinic will be replaced with a new building with construction to commence in 2012. James Paton Memorial Hospital, located in Gander, is the nearest general hospital to Glovertown. Those requiring emergency services can access the Hospital 24/7.

Ambulance Service

A private operator provides ambulance service in the community. Delaney’s Ambulance Service provides first response and ambulance service to Glovertown and area, the Eastport Peninsula, Terra Nova, Charlottetown, and Terra Nova National Park. Delaney’s offers 24-hour emergency service for transport to Gander.

RCMP Detachment

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police maintains a detachment in Glovertown. The detachment services Glovertown and area, the Eastport Peninsula, Terra Nova, Charlottetown, Terra Nova National Park, and the communities of Gambo, Hare Bay and Dover on the Road to the Shore. 24-hour service is provided from their location on Main Street South.

Glovertown Fire & Rescue

Glovertown Fire & Rescue provides emergency fire service to the communities of Glovertown, Traytown and Cull’s Harbour, as well as providing vehicle extraction response (Jaws of Life) service to those communities as well as Charlottetown, Terra Nova and Gambo. The volunteer memberships are supported and administered through the Town Office. The group meets regularly for planning and discussion, and engages in training exercises at the updated training grounds located in the community.                        

Bonavista Bay Ground Search and Rescue

Bonavista Bay Ground Search and Rescue is a volunteer group based in Glovertown that was formed in 1994. Their mandate is to assist the RCMP and Emergency Measures Organization (EMO) in search and rescue operations when requested. The group is responsible for the same areas as the Glovertown RCMP detachment, including, but not limited to, Glovertown, the Eastport Peninsula, Terra Nova National Park and parts of the Road to the Shore. The volunteers in the group are trained in a number of response techniques such as day and night search and rescue operations, First-Aid, winter survival, map and compass, cold water rescue and search dog use. The group possesses a number of capital assets to aid in their operations including ATVs and snowmobiles.