Economic Development

Sustainable Local Development

The Town of Glovertown has been building its economic development approach since January 2010. Council is committed to development initiatives and policies that fit in with the long-term vision for the Town. Part of that long-term vision is to support the development of business in the town and improve access to business opportunities. Some of the functions of Economic Development in our community include:

Increasing Capacity and Capabilities

The creation of the Economic Development Officer position was the first strategic step taken by the Town Council. This resource allows Glovertown to focus in areas like never before, including the attraction of foreign direct investment and industry development. Economic Development Committee will focus on increasing Glovertown’s capacity to target and bring in new businesses, while providing the EDO with the capabilities to direct and lead the Town’s development strategies.

Build Strategic Partnerships

It is imperative that Glovertown Council build strong strategic partnerships to support our strategies. The current business community is our base for this support and the business environment that has been created in Glovertown is very solid. Support must also come from our Provincial Government, Federal Government, and Financial Institutions. It is also important to recognize the work done by community groups of all types, and support their initiaitives to the fullest. Glovertown Council has opened these lines of communication and look forward to fostering partnerships with all stakeholders.

Increase Marketing Reach

Council and the EDO seek to enhance the current business community and broaden the markets that are targeted. Glovertown’s natural environment and strategic location offer businesses a unique investment opportunity. With Businesses and Council working together, we can create an environment that will support new business and increase our market reach from local and regional to provincial, national and international.