Glovertown is a remarkable place to visit.

People have come to Glovertown to experience great hospitality, a stunning natural environment, and numerous activities for everyone to partake in. Glovertown can provide visitors with a weekend of relaxation or a full week of regional and local attractions. Glovertown can be your home base for exploring beautiful Central Newfoundland, or your quiet getaway for two.

Glovertown’s local attractions offer a look into the history and culture of our community. Adventurers can explore Alexander Bay by boat and the Terra Nova River by Kayak. The t’railways and Ken Diamond Park connect users to nature and provide a great view of what the area has to offer. Accommodations in the Glovertown area are top-notch, with a number of different options to suit your tastes.

The Tourism Page will help you to plan a visit to Glovertown and the surrounding region.

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