Culture & History

House of Diamonds Art Centre

House of Diamonds is a unique attraction in Glovertown. The original house, built in 1937, was owned by Ken and Viola Diamond and served as a home and headquarters for their many enterprises. The property was purchased in 2004 by Mr. Darryl Fry, Ken and Viola’s nephew, and leased to the Town of Glovertown. Administered by a volunteer Board of Directors, artists & artisans from across the province are represented by the House of Diamonds throughout the year.

The property was converted to serve the artist community in Glovertown. The House, which consists of galleries and a gift shop, provides opportunities for local and provincial artists and artisans to promote and sell their work. An adjacent warehouse has been transformed into an artist studio and residence. The studio is home to workshops and art classes for local art enthusiasts. Upstairs, the artist residence provides quarters for visiting artists and a space for them to create their own unique works.

The Old Mill

The area around Alexander Bay and Glovertown was well known in the late 19th century for impressive stands of fir and spruce trees, and numerous sawmills dotted the coast of the bay.  During the period following World War 1, the Terra Nova Sulphite Company Ltd. was formed to build a pulp and paper mill in Glovertown, expected to open in 1922. During the final stage of construction, the Norwegian financiers of the project ran into difficulty when the Krone (Norway’s currency) depreciated against other world currencies. Newfoundland’s government at the time refused to guarantee a loan to Terra Nova Sulphite Company, Ltd. Construction stopped in the fall of 1921, and the property was purchased by Anglo Newfoundland Development Company.

The new owners determined operations were not economically feasible, as they felt the mill was too small and its supply inadequate. Today the Mill still stands in its incomplete state, untouched since the 1920’s.

Today, The Old Mill still receives plenty of visitors year-round. With its short distance to town, and accessible bike and ATV trails nearby, The Old Mill is a popular destination. To stand at the base of its hollow tower, and peer through its dark windows, The Old Mill is a part of Glovertown’s history; a fleeting dream of what could have been. During the summer months, you can participate in a Historical Walking Tour that outlines the rise and fall of Glovertown’s Old Mill. If you are in the area, please join us! Contact The Glovertown Visitor Information Center or The Town Hall for more information.

Janes House Museum

Janes House is a remarkable piece of architecture located in Glovertown. The house was originally built in 1898 by Ambrose and Sarah Janes. The Janes family donated the property in 2004 to the Town of Glovertown for the purpose of hosting a museum.

It is one of the oldest structures in Glovertown and was constructed using many building techniques that are no longer in use today. Museum staff is glad to point out to visitors the features of this unique building.

The museum highlights the significant history of Glovertown. The activities of early settlers are featured,including fishing, boat building and forestry. The spring log drive down the Terra Nova River and the history of boat building In Glovertown are two particular stories preserved by the museum. Sections of the museum describe the resettlement of a number of small island communities in Bonavista Bay during the mid-1900s.

Outdoor Activities

Ken Diamond Memorial Park

Ken Diamond Memorial Park was established in 1996 by the Fry Family Foundation as a permanent memorial to Ken Diamond, a Glovertown businessman in the 1940s and 1950s. The Park provides roughly 4 km of wheelchair accessible trails with multiple levels of difficulty. The Park surrounds brooks, streams and wetlands that form a habitat for numerous species of plants and waterfowl. Hilltop lookouts provide an elevated view of the park and surrounding area. The annual Diamond Dash cross-country race takes place on the trails and attracts runners, walkers, and photographers from Glovertown and beyond.

Terra Nova National Park

Canada’s most easterly national park is located right on the front porch of Glovertown. Terra Nova National Park offers a wide range of activities for anyone in love with the great outdoors. As described by the Park’s website, “Long fingers of the North Atlantic Ocean touch the island boreal forest of Eastern Newfoundland. Rocky headlands provide shelter from the awesome power of the open ocean. The landscape of the park varies from the rugged cliffs and sheltered inlets of the coastal region to the rolling forested hills, bogs and ponds of the inland.”

Popular summer activities in the Park include camping, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, biking and boat tours. Winter is also a good time to explore the park by cross-country skiing or snowshoeing the trails and winter camping at Newman Sound.

Splash n’ Putt

Splash -N- Putt Resort, located at the west entrance to Terra Nova National Park, is an attractions park featuring a 330 foot water slide, 18 hole miniature golf course, swimming pool, activity pool, playground, bumper boats, Supernova 3D Ride and a quarter mile go-kart track. (seasonal). Year round operations include a dairy bar, convenience store and Mary Brown’s famous chicken and taters.