Eric Blackwood

Eric Blackwood was born and raised in Glovertown where he lived with his mother, father and 3 siblings. After graduating high school in 1995 Eric headed to the city to attend trade school, years later he now has several professional trades under his belt.

He is currently working in Argentia, returning home to Glovertown every two weeks to his family. His wife Pam is a chartered accountant, his son Braden attends high school at Glovertown Academy and his daughter Brooklyn is away at chiropractic school in Toronto.

With a lot of family members and close friends living in Glovertown Eric is passionate about continuously developing and improving our community. Eric has been heavily involved in the community through sports with both of his children so he is a familiar face at the arena. In the past few years Eric has also taken on a volunteer role on the Maccles cabin owner association. Eric is confident in the unique perspective he has to offer and is hopeful for the future of Glovertown.